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Retired girl....
CH AVERILL’S Queen Leonidas
she is brown mackerel tabby.  Queen lives
in Idaho now with her nephew Mikey.
She is a blue classic tabby and white living
happily spoiled with my mom.
Retired Stud boy....
Flynn was our first stud boy, he is Willie’s
nephew.  Flynn is a brown mackerel tabby
Suncoon Ashley of Averill,
Color: blue silver classic tabby with white,  
GC RW Averill He’s Sully’s Top Gun
AKA “Topper”
he is a new Grand Champion,  
Topper is being shown by Neil Quigley in the upper
North West region of CFA  for 3 months.  
Topper is a brown Classic Tabby and White male.
He is 8 months old.
GC Telecoons Barron of Averill
Barron is cream classic tabby and white,
Barron is a great big boy who is a
sweetie pie and living with his last son
Cubby and Cubby’s cousin Leo in So Cal.

Barron is Sully’s dad
GC Tabbypatch N Like Flynn of Averill

Flynn was our first stud boy and he is Willie’s
Nephew so he carried on Willie’s gene pool.  
miss him, he was a sweet teddy bear.
CH Black Tye’s Ms. Dory of Averill

Dory was our first queen, she is retired
and living happily with my mom. Dory is a
blue classic tabby and white.
GC Averill’s Little Sister

sister was a blue patch mackerel and white,
she was our first female Grand Champion
and was a great show cat.  Unfortunately
Little Sister passed away unexpectedly.
GC Nascat’s Sadie of Averill

Sadie is a brown mackerel tabby and white
and is living the spoiled life in Washington
CH GP Tabbypatch Blue boy Willie

Willie is a very special boy. He  has done work with
CFA in the Educational ring and is a great
ambassador for the Maine Coon breed.
He is the true gentle giant.

Last year 2012-2011 Willie was 4th Best Veteran Cat in
region 2. Veteran class is for cats over 7 years old.
CH Averill’s Georgie girl AKA Gigi

Gigi is a brow mackerel tabby, she is
Sully’s mom, and was a daughter of
Flynn and Dory. Gigi is retired and
living with Ashley as a spoiled pet.
CH Averill’s Janis Joplin,
Janis is a brown mackerel tabby, she is big girl. Janis
retired and lives with as our son James’ cat. Her parents
are GC Tabbypatch N Like Flynn of Averill and CH Black
Tye’s Ms. Dory of Averill.
GC,RW Averill's Stevie Ray
Maine Coon and best blue tabby  in region 2 Stevie
was 14th best cat in CFA region 2 and best
He is a blue classic  and is also a tank as well as
a big love bug!  
Stevie produces loving out going kittens, and has
the most wonderful green eyes.  
CH Suncoon Ashley of Averill

Ashley is a blue/silver classic tabby and
white, she is 5 years old now, she and
another retiree “Gigi” are living with a
very nice man as spoiled pets.
CH Camerronwoods Lola Bell of Averill